Grade 6

Below is the curriculum we follow for Sixth Grade at SBA. 
If you have any questions about it, please contact me.



For Reading, we will be reading various types of genre throughout "Scholastic Scope" & supplemental group books where we are integrating knowledge & ideas using close-reading & critical thinking questions, vocabulary, and implementation of the writing process.  Throughout the year, we will be reading the novels "Shooting Kabul," "A Long Walk to Water," "Out of My Mind," and "Number the Stars."  Throughout our reading, I take any opportunity to incorporate all subject areas in any way we can to support our faith as well as the moral, intellectual and cultural decisions some of the characters involved in the novels they are reading may encounter and how they would handle the same challenges.


Sixth Grade Religion class emphasizes the Old Testament and Christ as the fulfillment of God's promises.  Stories and lessons are read to enrich students in scripture and doctrine and to guide them toward using moral principles in their lives.  Fifth Grade Religion focuses on meeting Jesus in the Sacraments.

Throughout Math we will be working in the Progress in Mathematics book by Sadlier which provides explicit in-depth instruction in fundamental mathematical math concepts, such as place value and the interrelatedness of operations, and in skills such as algorithms.

Language Arts: 

In Language Arts we will be working in our "Grammar for Writing" textbook along with other supplemental lessons throughout "Scholastic Scope" and other texts where we are learning various parts of speech and are able to incorporate it throughout frequent diagramming of sentence structure.  Throughout using these as well as our Reading series, we will incorporate what we are currently learning and apply this to varied types of writing and the writing process.



In Spelling, the students learn words at the beginning of the week and the patterns words follow such as Latin and Greek Roots as well as the students choosing supplemental words.  The students will be responsible for completing homework on a weekly basis and should be prepared for tests every Friday.

Social Studies:  

In Social Studies the students will broaden their knowledge of map-reading skills, as well as geographic terms and features introduced in earlier grades.  Topics will include Great Deserts of the World, World Geography, Judaism and Christianity, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Islam, The Enlightenment, The French Revolution, Romanticism, Industrialism, Capitalism, Socialism, Latin American Independence Movements, Geography of Latin America, Immigration, Industrialization, and Urbanization and Reform.



Throughout Science, we continue to study the topics from each of the major realms of science (physical, life and earth science). The class is designed to channel each students' curiosity to the natural world.  Much of the focus is on developing organizational skills, performing experiments, giving oral presentations, taking accurate notes, as well as interpreting graphs, tables and maps.  

As part of our Science Curriculum, we are also proud to offer a Robotics Program in which the Fifth and Sixth Grade students are provided with highly interactive, hands-on activities built around STEM concepts. 

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